Share and Link Education and Practice

Seminar, Ozolnieki, Latvia

How to make learning more effective? How to include non-formal education into formal education? Twenty-five youth workers were searching for the answers of these questions. They were all representatives of different educational institutions and non-formal organisations from 6 countries – Latvia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey. Participants discussed different attractive ways of using the non-formal learning methods in youth work.

Project “Share and Link Education and Practice” (No 2017-1-LV02-KA105-001601) was implemented in Ozolnieki, Latvia between 8 and 15th July 2017.

“Methods of non-formal education as especially

“Non-formal learning methods are especially useful for teachers, class teachers to form the class / group as a team working together for one goal – successful learning. These methods can and should be used to build a positive and supportive microclimate in it and to motivate young people to learn and to be an active driving force in the learning process, ”says Marcus Vredser, from Austria, one of the trainers at the seminar.

“Non-formal education is extremely effective in building practical skills, values ​​and attitudes. In non-formal education, no one receives an assessment, but instead there is a continuous process of self-assessment and feedback “from other participants”, added the other trainer during the seminar: Carmen Marcu from Romania.

In addition to the attractive and meaningful discussions between the participants, they had the opportunity to meet with local organisations, experts and youth workers. They also visited the youth center in Ozolneki, the participants were introduced to the process in which Latvian youth study, make personal achievements, work in the field of theatre.

Participants also had the opportunity to meet with the local TUVU association to learn why it is important to involve the family in working with children and young people. The guest guest Anita Biržncee – senior educational expert, Deputy Director of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in the municipality of Galben, held an attractive workshop on the development of creative methods of education and presented different approaches to education by presenting the project “Looking at Learning “(EARSMUS +), implemented by the Municipality of Gulbene (No.2014-2-LV02-KA205-000575) for the use of elements of Escape Room in education.

Финансираща програма

Erasmus+ KA1

Водеща организация

Ozolnieki Municipality

Място на провеждане

Ozolnieki, Latvia

Период на провеждане

08.07.2017 - 15.07.2017


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union