About the organisation

“Nadejda CRD” Sdrujenie is a non-governmental organisation from Sofia, Bulgaria working with both children, youngsters and adults to promote cultural values and education. The aim is to encourage people to participate in clubs and activities, to develop their abilities and interests.

The NGO is registered in 1998 as a parental organisation of Center for Personal Development – Center for Arts, Culture and Education “Sofia” (successor of Sofia Municipal Children Center). Its office is situated in the main building of the Center – Nadejda branch and it’s address is: 22 Sveti Nikola Novi Str., Sofia.

Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” is originally founded in 1998 as community of parents who recognized the need of extra activities and opportunities, which can develop their children’s abilities and interests. Yearly the organisation works with more than 3000 families as organises and supports club activities, concerts and performances, exhibitions, seminars and social clubs, and also takes part in national and European projects.

As a cultural, educational and social organisation “Nadejda CRD” Sdrujenie works also with youngsters with behavioural problems, people at the end of social exclusion and people with disabilities.

The organisation unites the efforts of parents in order create opportunities for enjoyable leisure time of children and young people.  Sdrujenie Najdeda-CRD raises fundings though donations, sponsorships, sales, etc in order to support the activities in Center for Arts, Education and Culture “Sofia”. Helps in organising events, festivals, participation of children and young people in different educational and cultural forums. Moreover buys materials for direct work in artistic forms, office materials, audio-visual and sound equipment.

Since the year of 2006 Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” dedicates his interests in development and implementation of activities using largely non-formal educational methods and lifelong-learning education. As the non-formal learning is an extensively used in the youth field, the organisation approaches activities emphasising on building a motivation in young people’s, voluntary participation, critical thinking and civil society policies. Our organisation believes that non-formal learning provides unique learning opportunities that bring big social change in the young European population.

In the field of work with adults the organisation presents variety of educational programs, organised discussions, conferences, seminars with teachers and parents.

Management Board:

Milena Kostadinova
President of Management Board

Iskren Petkov
Member of Management Board

Rashed Rashed
Member of Management Board 


Mariya Vladova

Albena Kazakova

Associated expets in the field of education:

Mariyana Tafrova

Dilyana Vuchkova

Mariyana Georgieva

Ivelina Ivanova

Yordan Tankovski

Milena Leneva

Magdalena Angelova

Tsvete Lazarova

Irina Dentcheva

Sdrujenie Nadejda-CRD gathers parents, teachers, public figures, businessmen and organisation in a direction of better inclusion, education, cultural and personal development of children and young people.



Nadejda-CRD is certified under ISO 9001:2015 for organizing public events, seminars and conferences, trainings, qualification activities and consultations, project management.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union